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7/9/2017 – I AM…The Bread of Life – Pastor Steve Blayer

I AM … The Bread of Life John’s gospel:  Evangelistic (“Believe”) – 20:31   … that believing you might have life… Life – not just for eternal sustenance, but beginning NOW. 7 I AM’s of John:    YHWH “I am/ I exist” – “The LORD” (“self-existent one.”) Used when God was introducing an aspect of His nature…

7/2/2017 – Life More Abundantly – Pastor Steve Blayer

Life…More Abundantly John 10:1-15    I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly. if our experience of God cannot be described with words like, “Alive, flourishing, ecstatic, thriving, exciting,” then something is lacking in our walk  (and it is not on God’s end of the relationship). v.10 The thief – comes to steal,…